Revised: 10/02/2007

OUR PHILOSOPHY: is aware that most people would prefer that their personal information not be distributed or disseminated for commercial purposes or to spammers or other unauthorized advertisers. We agree and have formulated our privacy policies to reflect the preferences of the vast majority of our clients. The policies described below are the policies we adhere to in the daily operation of our business. By using this site you are agreeing to accept these policies. From time to time we may update these policies. The effective date of the last revision is noted above and will also be entered on our website on our ordering/shippiing documents so you can be aware of revisions when they occur. Please check to be sure you are familiar with current policy.


Obviously we need to collect the information necessary to take and fill orders for purchase and shipping. You will almost always provide this information by filling out a form. However by contrast with other gift services and companies, does not provide personally identifiable information including your name address, phone number, credit card numbers, etc. to any third party not directly connected with consumating a transaction you have initiated. Examples of legitimate third parties who might receive personal information include credit card clearing services, product manufacturers (as in the case of drop-shipping), agents acting directly on our behalf, etc. We NEVER sell our client list or information when that information is personally identifiable. On occasion information derived from our client lists or other sources may be used to compile statistical summaries, correspond with you for business purposes, provide reminders should you be using our reminder service or set "cookies" to allow our web site to identify your browser to expedite transactions.


Personally identifying information such as your name, address, telephone number, etc. is stored in our offices in computer files and in some cases in hard copy. We take all reasonable steps to prevent the unauthorized use of that information. Critical financial information such as credit card numbers, expiration dates, security codes, etc. are NOT kept on our computers and are forwarded during the transaction process to our credit card clearing houses to process the transactions. We use reputable companies with clean histories however we cannot make specific representations or guarantees as to their in-house practices.


In the event that should be sold or come under new ownership the existing policies shall remain in force. Should policies be changed either by or by new ownership, those changes will be enumerated in this document and a new revision date will be posted on our website as noted above.


We would hope that the people to whom you will be sending gifts will be delighted and pleased with our services and your thoughtfulness. From time to time we may send email or postal mail to suggest that they can use our services as well as be the recipient. We may also offer them the opportunity to join our gift registry which will allow you to know what their gift preferences would be.

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