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Gifts for Women Gifts for Women Gifts for Women
Gifts for Women Gifts for Women Gifts for Women

  Gifts for WomenFor Women  

Chocolate Sin. Bring Vegas Home Chocolate Assortment or Chocolate Checkers
Dream or real life Fantasy, chocolate doesn't have to stay in Vegas. Bring it home! This 23 piece assortment of dark chocolate delectables is boxed in a case worthy of Tiffany's. Chocolate Checkers is for the more adventurous....

Gifts for Women -Flowers from our silk gardens. Flowers that last and last. Flowers are a sure hit with ALL women. There is No Substitute for Flowers
We bring you three wonderful Floral Arrangements from silk gardens that are identical to the natural blooms - flowers that will occupy an honored place for a long time. And she'll think of you every time she sees their colorful glory....

Gifts for Women.Japanese Incense. Japanese Incense
Imported from Japan. Five wonderful scents (Cypress, Green Tea, Bamboo, Frankincense and Heian koh). Packaged in exquisite wood or fiber boxes with the panache that only Japanese designers can do. Set the mood with this....

Gifts for Women. Gourmet cookbook and romantic CD's. Sharon O'Conner's Menus and Music
Celebrate inspiring food with the world's greatest Chefs set against a musical background of companion music in these boxed sets of cookbooks and CDs. Titles include Bistros, Italian Intermezzo, Rock and Roll Diner, and more....

Gifts for Women. A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. It won't be wasted with this hilarious game. Sexy, Provocative, you will Love It! Heat up the Party!.
A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. It won't be wasted with Dirty Minds. The Game guaranteed to get everybody on the same page. The perfect gift for an anniversary or Valentine....

Gifts for Women. A clock for your outdoorswoman. A Bird Call Every Hour on the Hour
The birds of the United States will entertain you with authentic bird calls every hour on the hour. (It is a clock after all). Amazing! And they automatically go to sleep when it gets dark....

Gifts for Women. Flowers in a different form. A Must for Every Gardener
Gardening for the impatient gardener. Instant Gardens is a lavishly illustrated, 250 page manual for the experienced and beginning gardener alike...

Gifts for Women. Watches that are actually jewelery. Personal Time Pieces aka Wrist Candy
A fashion coup from the designers at Tokyo Bay. Stunning watches unlike anything you've seen before. Surprise!... BATTERIES INCLUDED!...

Gifts for Women. Picnics are romantic. Picnic back-packs are romantic. The Ultimate Picnic back-pack
Comfortable to carry, filled with all your favorite goodies. The Picnic Back-Pack lets you spread out an elegant lunch right there on the beach. Sand not included....

Gifts for Women. Baking dishes Mom or even Grandma might like. It's All Good in Colorful Baking Dishes
Look out Grandma! With these beautiful baking dishes you won't be able to shut off the oven. This has perks for the gift giver if you know what we mean. They're oven safe too...

Gifts for Women. Jewelry, flowers and chocolate. Jewelry, flowers and chocolate. Got the message? Power Jewelry with No Batteries Required
Fifteen strands of massed, Austrian Swarovski crystal makes these sparklers a great gift for ladies who like to flash it. Jewelry is always correct...

Gifts for Women. A variation on flowers and candlelight. Slumped Glass Vase and Candlesticks
In the ceramics world Tony Evans Designs are famous. We present a grouping in slumped glass that does great things with light...

Gifts for Women. Living sculpture. Nayer Kazemi Water Fall Art
Nayer Kazemi produces miniature evironments that soothe the soul, feast the eyes and rest the ears. Experience living sculpture from a living legend...

Gifts for Women. Maybe a cute cocker spaniel would be a good addition to our doggie basket. Gift Basket For the Pooch
Neiman Barkus brings you a bone basket for dogs and the people who love them. Assorted delicious treats attractively packaged in wicker basket...

Gifts for Women. Gift basket with a difference. Deliver On A Silver Platter
From the Pacific Northwest comes a delectable collection of gourmet treats including King Salmon, chocolate covered cherries, BBQ hazelnuts and more. All delivered (by you) on a silver platter!...

Gifts for Women. Cat lovers will love this and you Cats on the shelf. Or are they Bookends?
Carved and handpainted, these bookends will charm the tabby lovers in your family. They might even charm the tabbys. Shelves full of cats. From Creatively Yours...

Gifts for Women. We predict a very happy day when you give the future The Future is here, and now
Predict the future with Parker's Prediction Pak. Here are all the tools - I Ching, Tarot and Runes. Don't get blindsided this millenium...

Greeting Cards
A La Carte

Gifts for Women - Greeting Card Peaceful Grace
Calm, Wistful, Peace

Gifts for Women - Greeting Card You Make Me Happy
Light Up Her Face

Gifts for Women - Greeting Card Fore!!
It's a Guy Thing

Gifts for Women - Greeting Card Always Appropriate
Perfume - good to go

Gifts for Women - Greeting Card Shoes are Power
Women Love Shoes

Gifts for Women - Greeting Card Run, Run, Run
Score Big With This

Gifts for Women - Greeting Card Kids Love Balls
Soccer + Kids = This

Gifts for Women - Greeting Card Be The Man In
Soft Light Soft Feelings

Gifts for Women - Greeting Card Long Memories
Women and Elephants


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