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GOOD AND FAST AND CONVENIENT! Finally a place where MEN can find gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas,... you name it. We have gifts that are unique and refreshing - no mall, no parking hassle, no finding a card, no gift wrapping, no post office... log on, three clicks, done.

AND WE GUARANTEE PRICES BETTER THAN AMAZON!!! If you can find one of our products on at a lower price we will guarantee to match it AND we will give you a 10% discount on your next order. Just drop us an email with your gift selection and we'll arrange for your discount. If you act FAST (like before you forget) sign up for our reminder service and you will get a reminder email a few days ahead of important occasions. We'll even offer some gift suggestions you can send with one click. Don't procrastinate until even FedEx can't help you.

And they say men don't like to shop...

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"Feel free to click around and see what's what but here's a couple of quick picks that might be of interest."

Gifts for Women -Flowers from our silk gardens. Flowers that last and last. Flowers are a sure hit with ALL women. Flowers - There is Just No Substitute
We bring you two wonderful Floral Arrangements from silk gardens - flowers that will occupy an honored place for a long time. And she'll think of you every time she sees their colorful glory....

Gifts for Women. Japanese Incense. Japanese Incense
Imported from Japan. Five wonderful scents (Cypress, Green Tea, Bamboo, Frankincense and Heian koh). Packaged in exquisite wood or fiber boxes with the panache that only Japanese designers can do. Set the mood with this....

Chocolate Sin. Bring Vegas Home Strip Checkers
Dream or real life fantasy, sin doesn't have to stay in Vegas. Bring it home! Strip Checkers (the Checkers are made of Chocolate) are sinfully Goooooood....

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Gifts for Her. Flowers, flowers, flowers. There simply isn't a substitute for special occasions. These silk flowers last making your gift even more special.
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